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Rod building

Harrison Rod Blank Suppliers:

Meadow Fishery Comprehensive website and expert advice on fly rods and building.
Meadow Fishery Trout Fishery and online Tackle Shop Mickle Trafford, Chester, Cheshire

GuidesnBlanks Online shop for blanks and components.

The two links above are specialists, but you can also get a blank to order through your local Harrison rod dealer or if you get stuck, ring us and ask for Mike Helliwell. 0044 (0)151 709 5981

If you are handy, building your own rod is extremely satisfying. It is not a particularly good way of saving money, but it is a way of getting a unique rod made the way you want it.  Below are a few links about rod building, and  whilst not an exhaustive guide, they may help you make a good job of building a rod.  youtube has a lot of good rod building videos and is worth a look.

Almost anyone can make a decent job of building a rod, it will just take a bit more care an a lot more time for the amateur. There are of course many professional custom rod builders who we can recommend for this kind of service if you are not good with your hands.



bd10267_.gif (311 bytes) Production                How a blank is made.

bd10267_.gif (311 bytes) Rod building tips      Selecting blanks, and spines.

bd10267_.gif (311 bytes) Tying Rod Rings      A guide to Starting whipping your own rods.

bd10267_.gif (311 bytes) Rod varnishing         How to varnish a rod with two pack epoxy and traditional "one pot" varnish.

bd10267_.gif (311 bytes) Buying a Custom Built Rod

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